vintage art framed

Vintage art framed

What is an “original” poster

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Posters can be made using printing methods such as: screen print, stone lithography, offset lithography, cliché, stencil on any kind of paper. A poster is a kind of “advertising” of something. It could be a primitive stencil or a Gutenberg seal calling on us to “come to the town square to stone the thief to death.” These may be primitive leaflets with a call to “call the Russians to arms in an uprising against the tsar.” Or it could be a stone lithograph by Henri Toulouse-Latrec inviting us to a nightly show at the Moulin Rouge, or even a 1950 offset lithograph by Bocassil advertising the famous Lauro Olivia brand of soap. The most important thing is that the “poster”, regardless of its artistic value, regardless of the printing technology used, is an original edition issued for an event or product and that it “has either been used or was intended to be used in its time” for those indicated on it. goals. Some of the posters were reprinted by advertisers in cases where the advertising campaign was considered successful. For example, “Thermogene” by Capello’s hand was used by many printers in many countries for almost half a century. All copies have a collection value, because. they were made for advertisers and for real advertising campaigns.

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