Life coaching

Life coaching – from the words “life” and “coaching” – coaching for life. One of the directions of coaching, which has been popular all over the world for many years. Along with business coaching, team coaching, personal performance coaching and other areas of coaching. What is life coaching and how can it help you?

The human body has the ability to learn, which is laid down in it from the moment of birth. He starts learning from the first day of life and continues to learn something all his life. This is what distinguishes a rational person from animals.

Increasingly, you can hear the newfangled word “coaching” from psychologists, businessmen and interested people. Those who know English can easily translate the meaning of words. But it is worth dwelling on this in more detail.

Coaching is a direction of psychology in which the set values ​​are achieved through the interaction of a specialist and a client.

Imagine your life as a closet. In which there are many shelves and a lot of clothes and things. Some of them have been there for a very long time, they take up a lot of space and it is not clear whether they are needed at all and what to do with them. Some boxes and packages have been here only recently, but have already managed to hurt my eyes. And most importantly, there is always not enough space, everything falls out right on you, it is worth opening the door. And you remember that somewhere in the depths there is a box that contains something very important and dear to you … But there is sorely not enough time to deal with all this!

And life coaching is a process of communication between a professional mentor and a client, through which the client begins to realize his potential. He acquires new skills to achieve his goals.

Now many successful people in various fields use life coaching to improve the quality of life and their professionalism.

With the help of life coaching, a person understands his life, works out blocks of obstacles. A coach (mentor) helps to change the client’s life for the better. Of course, problems will not disappear at all, but a person radically changes his attitude towards them.

Life coaching is a lifestyle of successful people.

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ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a library of best practices for managing IT services. The latest version of the library was released in 2019. ITIL Certification is one of the most common cross-platform ITSM certifications. According to the rules of Axelos, the creator of the ITIL library, only organizations accredited by Axelos can conduct training and issue certificates.

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ISACA CISA (Certified Information Security Manager) is a certified information security manager. CISA Certification is considered one of the most prestigious IT certifications. It is this composition of the certifications selected for consideration due to their proximity in topics (domains), and, of course, the experience of the author of the article in preparing specialists for these exams.

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