Investment for your certification

The return on investment for your certification will be a boost to your career and a competitive edge, once you have received it. Depending on the program that you have chosen, you may or may not have to pay for it up front. You could choose to pay for the certificate in installments, although some programs do offer free training. In many cases, courses are part of continuing education or networking opportunities.

Employers often look a lack of certification as a red flag. If that’s you, there are still other ways to get an IT certification, but you have to find them. The first step is knowing what you want to learn and the second step is deciding how you want to learn it. There are many avenues when it comes to getting an IT certification, but which one works best for you?

The time to begin pursuing your IT certifications is now. Start by looking at online university degree programs, which can pair you with a variety of relevant certification candidates.

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GPEN, GSEC, GIAC Certification, GIAC, SANS Institute, SANS

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There’s a lot more to online education than just certification though. A lot of online universities offer diploma and associate degree programs as well. Some are completely online, some are hybrid, and some even offer on-campus opportunities for students looking for more in-person interaction. Students who study at an on-campus or hybrid campus have the opportunity to interact with their instructors, take advantage of additional resources like libraries that may not be available online, and participate in extracurricular activities with other students.

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