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vintage poster

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vintage posters

Vintage poster

Original American vintage travel poster.

vintage posters

Vintage poster

Original Art Vintage movie poster, English version

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What is an “original” poster

I decided to ennoble the interior with vintage posters that I bought in the USA, and at the same time tell about them and this industry. Advertising posters are far from a modern invention, but in the last century they looked very different. And the posters of old films are generally a special story. Sometimes they look so unique that they seem to become a separate work, already loosely connected with the original source. We collected several examples – mostly from Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Elements of past eras in the interior are always popular, but now our love for retro is just off scale! We have prepared for you an article and a photo selection on how to decorate walls with vintage posters. In general, vintage posters can be seen in almost any interior, from minimalism to modern. As a rule, these are images from old advertisements, movie posters, magazine covers.

  • What is an “original” poster
  • What is linen reinforcement
  • Discussion of certificates of authenticity

The most important thing is that the “poster”, regardless of its artistic value, regardless of the printing technology used, is an original edition issued for an event or product and that it “has either been used or was intended to be used in its time” for those indicated on it. goals. Some of the posters were reprinted by advertisers in cases where the advertising campaign was deemed successful. For example, “Thermogene” by Capello’s hand was used by many printers in many countries for almost half a century. All copies have a collection value, because. they were made for advertisers and for real advertising campaigns.

What is linen reinforcement

Professional dealers who specialize in old, vintage collectible posters almost always protect their posters from damage by overlaying them on a special linen backing. A professional poster preservation specialist stretches the canvas onto the frame very tightly – like a drum. In the beginning, everything looks like a canvas ready for oil painting. Then, using a water-soluble adhesive, he glues smooth paper onto the canvas. On these two glued surfaces, with the help of the same glue, he sticks the poster itself. The glue is ph neutral, acid-free, anti-fungal, which prevents the final product from yellowing, oxidation and fungal infections in case of increased humidity. The drying process may take several days or even a week or more depending on the weather conditions. high humidity slows down the process. Because as a result, three layers with different material structure are connected, they dry at different speeds. Therefore, it is very important that the poster is completely dry on the frame. This avoids a situation in which one of the materials used can pull on the other layer, which can lead to the formation of bubbles. Reinforcement with linen backing also protects the Vintage Poster from accidental tearing and folding leading to damage. This reinforcement also allows you to additionally press the poster to the frame and avoid the contact of the Vintage Porter with the frame itself. Also, the presence of a linen backing prevents ignorant “specialists” from gluing the poster to the frame, which would immediately destroy the value of the poster. As a rule, the process always leaves the edges of the white canvas from 2 to 3 inches on all 4 sides of the poster. Old, fragile posters are prime candidates for linen backing. Modern, new posters can be framed as is – without reinforcement. Some posters are printed on paper that is too heavy to be reinforced with a linen backing. So always inquire about linen backing reinforcements when you buy Vintage Posters.

Discussion of certificates of authenticity

Many vintage poster dealers and sellers state that they can provide certificates of authenticity and that you should not buy a poster unless the seller can provide one. However, the certificate as such can be issued either by the printer or by the artist himself to confirm that the work is done by them. After all, the printer can be sure that the poster was printed by them, or the artist can also be sure that this is his work. All other types of certificates made by dealers themselves or for dealers, declaring that the work is original – nothing more than “their opinion.” This means that such certificates are only as good as the information of the person making the claim. Those. they have no value or meaning in any way. Those. certificates are only as good as one can trust the regalia and knowledge of these persons. The best defense against counterfeiting is a receipt/certificate from a reputable company/community stating exactly what was sold to you – the date of the poster, the name of the artist, the printer.

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Vintage style is all the rage in the design world. We have dedicated a separate category exclusively to vintage posters and prints.

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We, the VINTAGE POSTER team, are passionate about interiors and Scandinavian design. Our main goal is simple – stylish and modern wall decor that is accessible to everyone.

Here you will find a wide range of trendy posters and posters, combined with different frames. We regularly update our catalog, following the fashion trends in the world of interior design.

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